If You have reached this tab it must mean You’re at least a bit interested in how I do my commission work, so here are some basic guidelines

First of all, it’s Your miniature and You decide how You want it to look so I like to talk it over in detail. It’s important to me as a miniature painter to iron out all details because sometimes, once the painting has started there’s no way to let’s say change the armour color from green to yellow once the model is almost done.
So email me detailed instructions, reference photos – if need be, we can go over what You want over Skype. No problem. Furthermore, to be sure were on the same page at key stages of painting, I will send You „Work In Progress” pictures to get Your approval, and of course one of the finished model for last minute tweaks and such.

Secondly comes the pricing. I do not have a set pricing range, because painting miniatures depends on many factors (which i’ll get to in a minute). I get many different requests – some are for painting a whole army straight out of the box, others are to paint a model/unit to tie in with the rest of the already (mostly not very well) painted army, some are for looking nice in a display case never to set foot on a gameboard.

Some painters use a „level” of painting and put a price tag on it, I price the painting miniatures basing on how good it’s supposed to look.
Besides painting, there are some additional services which I take into account and add to the final price:

  • model purchase – if You want me to purchase Your model, and not send me Your own the mini (model cost + shipping)
  • model assembly – if the model needs assemby (ex. cutting out of frames, gluing it together etc.), magnetizing
  • basing – if You want me to purchase or create a scenic base for the model
  • conversions – using parts from different kits, modelling combat damage, specific posing of the model
  • cleaning of models (metal only)

I take a downpayment of about 50% of the total cost, transfered to an Paypal Account.

Third – shipping. I take great care to securely pack You painted models and send them to You. The delivery method is up to You, from standard mail to door to door courier, but remember its You who covers the shipping cost. This cost can ofcourse vary depending on destination and the size of the parcel.

Thats about it! If You have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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