About me

First of all, thanks for visiting my site, any feedback You have is welcome.

Anyway a few words about me. I first started my adventure with miniatures when I was about 8 years old. The first steps were plane and helicopter models of the modern day military, 1:35 scale modern infantry and so on… unfortunately the thing about model planes and such is their only purpose is to get painted and sit around on a shelve/in a display case – that of course if they are painted nicely, and mine weren’t:)

After some time, at age about 14 i first stepped foot into a hobby store with tabletop wargames and I was amazed – a wide variety of miniatures which were plain and simply cool for a youngster  – because Space Marines fighting giant aliens (tyranids) was a pretty badass concept – and not only that, after painting I could use them to play games with friends. Long story short, I got sucked into the world od tabletop gaming, my heart being forever with Warhammer 40.000

Upon growing up (yes, still playing with plastic miniatures) I started working at one such hobby store, quickly earning painting experience by my own miniatures (a tyranid and space marine army, so A LOT of models), painting miniatures for the shops display case and teaching painting to kids. I was lucky that my teacher (and boss) was one of Poland’s top tier painters – Benathai.

The years went by and finally friends and the shops customers who had no time and/or skill to paint their minis started asking if I could make their armies shine.

And so, 16 years into the hobby, here I am still painting (sometimes even minis of my own;)


Now You know „where I come from”, so feel free to have look at some of my works in the gallery tab, or browse through some of the tutorials I’ve made. Enjoy!

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