Welcome to the Paint Splatter Studios webpage.

I take commissions for the painting of miniatures for various tabletop wargames and boardgames.

If You’re looking for someone to paint one of Your miniatures (or perhaps an entire army) You’ve come to the right place.

Feel free to browse the gallery for exaples of my work, and if You like it, visit the commissions tab to learn more details about how I work.

Also, visit the Whats New tab to find some (hopefully) useful tips to help You with Your hobby.


Miniature Painting

Want to heve your minis painted nicely at reasonable prices? You've come to the right place!

Hobby tips

Looking for help, inspiration, recomendations to help You with Your modelling? Check out my atricles and videos.


Check out some of my painted minis - advanced tabletop level, ready for play :)